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Philip Daval-Bowden

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  • Costs Lawyer
  • Specialist Advocate
  • Expert in costs law

Philip is the Senior Managing Partner of LLP and acts for an extensive primarily City based clientele. He specialises in providing consultancy services, advice and advocacy in all forums up to the Supreme Court and Privy Council and in various jurisdictions. He has regularly been instructed as an expert in costs law.

Philip is head of the Commercial department and regularly acts in high profile and high quantum commercial litigation often involving numerous jurisdictions (including in Europe, the US, the Cayman Islands, Bahamas and BVI) where multi-million pound costs are at stake and legal principles are being tested.

Philip advises extensively on costs budgeting and management and is currently acting as the Claimants appointed costs expert in the Mobile Telephone Voicemail Interception (MTVIL) against News Group Newspapers and the Mirror Group Newspapers Hacking Litigation (MNHL) against MGN.


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