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Nico Myburgh

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  • Solicitor
  • LLB, LLM
  • Commercial Litigation

Nico Myburgh joined Masters in 2008 and is a Partner in the Commercial Department.

Nico completed his undergraduate degree in South Africa and is also an admitted attorney. He focused on international investment arbitration in completing his Master degree.

Nico has substantial litigation experience, having previously specialised in the defence of complex clinical negligence claims in South Africa. He also practised as a costs consultant in South Africa, specialising primarily in the determination of high value and complex commercial costs claims.

Since joining Masters, Nico has continued to develop his expertise in complex, high quantum costs claims, including in commercial, clinical negligence and probate disputes. Nico deals with all aspects of the costs process and regularly represents litigants in the Senior Courts Costs Office. He has also conducted a detailed assessment in the Supreme Court.


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