Established in London: 1986

Group Litigation

We have unrivalled experience in the management of complex costs claims resulting from group litigation (whether under a Group Litigation Order or other Managing Orders), including in the provision of funding advice, costs budgeting and management, and all other aspects of the costs assessment process.

We are known for our innovative approach to costs claims in group litigation and we strive to find solutions that expedite and simplify the process, including undertaking the analysis of considerable amounts of costs information and devising bespoke documents to facilitate the justification or opposition of multi-million pound costs claims.

We have acted, and continue to act, in some of the most prominent group litigation to be dealt with by the English Courts, including Motto v Trafigura, the Mobile Telephone Voicemail Interception (MTVIL) against News Group Newspapers and the Mirror Group Newspapers Hacking Litigation (MNHL) against MGN, the Iraqi Civilian Litigation against the Ministry of Defence, the Grenfell Tower Fire Litigation and group claims relating to substandard and defective prosthetic components.

We are, with our unparalleled practical experience, ideally placed to assist in all costs aspects of group litigation.