Established in London: 1986

Costs Management & Budgeting

Costs Budgeting

Masters Legal Costs Services LLP has unrivalled experience in costs management and budgeting, having been involved in the preparation of costs budgets in all manner of legal proceedings.

We have been actively involved in the implementation of the Costs Management Protocols and frequently prepare and justify accurate estimates of costs for case management purposes and in support of applications for security for costs.

We have the knowledge and experience to prepare and quantify costs budgets that you, and your client, can confidently rely upon. Our services include the preparation of your original costs budgets; considering your opponent’s budget; preparing composite comparison tables; conducting budget discussions and preparing budget discussion reports; attending as advocate for costs management hearings and CCMCs (or preparing briefing notes for your advocate) and monitoring costs incurred following the approval of your costs budget by the Court.

Costs Management

In addition to providing advice in relation to costs budgets in UK proceedings, we also work with clients involved in litigation both in the UK and overseas to monitor and manage legal expenditure as it is incurred.

This can entail quantifying and agreeing the estimated legal spend on a regular basis and working as liaison between the client and its solicitors and/or attorneys. This can avoid difficulties and disputes arising as a result of legal expenditure.

Many client disputes arise as a result of unexpected fees and our costs project management service provides advance knowledge and peace of mind.